Pets Lost and Found

Lost pet information will be posted here.

In order to help people find their lost pets, we are extending our lost and found service to our website. Guidelines are given on each page to help you find your lost pet, and assist you in helping someone else find their lost pet.


If you have lost a pet and want to put it up on the Lost Pets page, please try to give us as much information about your pet as possible. The date and general area where your pet was lost is the first thing you should list. Age, breed, color, size, markings, color of collar, I.D. or Vet tags, habits and anything else you can think of to help identify or locate him is also very important.

A current picture of your pet is also very helpful. If you have a digital picture that you can email to us with the other information, please do so. If you don’t have a digital picture, you can get a print picture scanned at local stores. Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Walgreens in Jonesboro all have machines that, for a small fee, will make a digital picture you can have put on a floppy disc and either email to us or bring by the shelter.

When you have all the information collected, either email the NEAHS at or drop the information by the shelter. Include “Lost Pet” in your email’s subject line, and we will get the information online as soon as possible. All we ask is that you please notify us when you locate your pet so we can remove the lost notice from the website to make room for other lost pets!


When sending information by email, please put “Found Pet” in the subject line and send to

When posting to the found page, please consider that not everybody who may see the information or respond to the post has a valid reason or honorable intention. If you have found an animal that may be someone’s much loved pet, you will want to make sure that the right person recovers the pet.

Do not volunteer too much information. There are people who will respond to ads because they want the animal for themselves or to sell them. Even mixed breed animals have a market. We reserve the right to edit whatever is submitted to be posted on the Found page in order to protect the animal from being given to someone who is not the owner.

You should give the area where found and date found. If the animal is being held by a vet to keep, please give that information as well. Contact information can be a telephone number or an email address. It is not recommended that you give anyone your name or address. Age, breed and general coloration of the pet can be given, but let the person claiming the pet provide a detailed description.

Another indicator that a person is a valid responder, is the offer of a reward. Pet owners often consider their pets as members of their families and are willing to offer a monetary reward for its return. It is unlikely that a person other than the owner will be willing to “buy” an animal that can be claimed for free, so keep this in mind when talking to them.

When the pet is returned to its owner, please inform us so we may take it off the website and make room for other pets.

When you contact the NEAHS about your lost or found pet, the information is sent to the following area veterinarian clinics as well as being posted on the website and kept at the shelter.

Jonesboro Locations

  • Animal Medical Center
  • Cato Pet Hospital
  • Jonesboro Family Pet Clinic
  • Hilltop Veterinary Hospital
  • Southwest Drive Animal Clinic
  • Woodsprings Animal Clinic
  • Vetcare, Inc.

Trumann Locations

  • Trumann Animal Clinic