Pets Lost and Found

We have found that the most effective method of uniting owners with their lost pets is to utilize the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society’s Facebook page to share pictures and information. Guidelines are given below to help you find your lost pet and to assist you in helping someone else find their lost pet.


If you have lost a pet and want to put it on our Facebook page, please provide as much information about your pet as possible. At minimum, provide a picture, street/area and town where your pet was lost as well as your phone number so that others can contact you. Age, breed, color, size, markings, color of collar, I.D. or Vet tags, habits and anything else you can think of to help identify or locate him or her is also very important. When you have all the information collected, go to our Facebook page. When you click on our name, a status box will appear toward the top of the page. This is where you will type the information and post pictures (please do not send a private message to our Facebook page). Include “Lost Pet” in the beginning of your post. We will share the information as soon as possible on our timeline.

Also, please don’t forget to notify us when you locate your pet so we may update the post on our Facebook page!


If you have found a pet, please post this to our Facebook page as well (see instructions above for specific details). When posting information about a found pet, start your post to our Facebook page with “Found Pet” (please do not send a private message to our Facebook page). As with a lost pet, at minimum, provide a picture, street/area and town where the pet was found as well as a method to contact you. Please consider that not everybody who may see the information or respond to the post has a valid reason or honorable intentions. If you have found an animal that may be someone’s much loved pet, you will want to make sure that the right person recovers the pet. To ensure that the rightful owner is claiming their pet, we have found that you should not volunteer too much information. There are people who will respond to ads because they want the animal for themselves or want to sell them. Even mixed breed animals have a market. We reserve the right to edit whatever is submitted to be posted on our Facebook page in order to protect the animal from being given to someone who is not the owner.

Also, if the animal is being held by a vet, please provide that information as well. Contact information should be a telephone number, email address, or Facebook message. It is not recommended that you give anyone your physical address. Age, breed and general coloration of the pet can be given, but let the person claiming the pet provide a detailed description. They should also be able to provide their own pictures of the animal, veterinarian records (if applicable), etc.

Another indicator that a person is a valid responder is the offer of a reward. Pet owners often consider their pets as members of their families and are willing to offer a monetary reward for its return. It is unlikely that a person other than the owner will be willing to “buy” an animal that can be claimed for free, so keep this in mind when talking to them.

When the pet is returned to its owner, please inform us so we may update the found post on our Facebook page!

When you contact the NEAHS about your lost or found pet, please make sure you also contact your local animal control and all veterinarian clinics located in your area. Many of them have Facebook pages as well where you can post or you can call or go by their locations to spread the word.